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List of Best Deep Conditioners/Hair Masks for Your Curls, Waves, Kinks and Coils

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*This list is based on deep conditioners (DCs) I have used in the last seven months of my hair journey. If anything changes, I will be sure to update!*

No matter what hair type you have, you WILL need to deep conditioner your hair -- whether it's once a week or once a month. I'm only 7 months into my journey, but I recently started deep conditioning my hair once a week due to the lack of health I started seeing. I would often notice more and more single strand knots, frizzy ends and my hair drying out quicker than it had before.

" scalp felt like it had taken a hit of [get high off of life] and ascended into the air -- I kid you not. It felt good after I realized Googled reviews about this product."

Now, how often you deep condition depends on a number of factors (your hair type, the weather, hair health, etc.). The biggest factor in knowing when to give your hair a spa night is by assessing the current health of your hair. Are you noticing split ends? Single strand knots? Really dry hair?

It's so essential to really pay attention to what your hair needs because that will help you figure out a) the best products for your hair and b) a regime. Even with extremely dry hair, a certain level of moisture should be retained. If your hair is not retaining moisture well, then your hair needs some extra TLC (tender loving conditioner).
Throughout my journey so far, I have used quite a few deep conditioners (I'm a product junkie -- no shame). However, not all of them have worked and some worked wonders! Below I have included a list of current deep conditioners and masks that I absolutely love or ones that have worked for me.

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  1. Milk Protein & Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning Treatment
    Now, when I say this stuff is the business, I mean that. I received this packet of conditioner in my June CurlBox that I won from The Soul Sister Show [check this lady out here. She has an amazing radio personality]. This is one of the best treatments for dry hair.

    Before receiving this product, I'll be honest -- I had no idea it existed. I'm used to walking up and down the Walmart or Target isles seeing Suave, Palmers or some other brand. So, when I received this in the box, I was eager to test it out.

    Wow, where do I begin. I love the smell (I'm a huge smell person if you haven't read already). There was this refreshing scent mixed with an undertone of Vicks Vapor Rub fragrance (the actual smell is methanol if you were wondering). I worked the creamy conditioner in my hair from root to tip while in the shower, and was amazed with the results...(after being scared half to death).

    I'm not going to lie: At first I thought someone had played a cruel joke and added something that was about to take my hair out. Why? Because my scalp felt like it had taken a hit of [get high off of life] and ascended into the air -- I kid you not. It felt good after I realized Googled reviews about this product. Before my Internet travels, I was swearing up and down that something was seriously wrong. Let me explain even deeper:

    If you're not used to a really strong tingling sensation on your scalp, please be prepared! I felt a mixture of numbness, relaxation and...well, "tingles"...if that's a word. Honestly, it was the best two hours my scalp has felt in a really long time (yes, I leave my deep conditioners in for a long period of time).

    This is an investment you want to put your money in. Trust me.

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  2. "This product acted like an automated external defibrillator (AED) machine that shocked my strands back to life."

    : I am not paid and was not asked to represent Nothing But or their company in any way. I, however, absolutely love this product line. It completely exceeded my expectations.

    About a week ago I decided to test out the entire line of Nothing But Hair Care products by itself (and only using Vitamin E as my oil sealer).

    Now, this is a hair mask (and if you're unfamiliar with the difference between "masks" and "deep conditioners" then stay tuned for my next article). I applied this to my hair just as I would any other conditioner, and was so amazed at how soft and alive my hair was after I rinsed it out.

    This product acted like an automated external defibrillator (AED) machine that shocked my strands back to life. I was, and am still able, to wear my hair as an afro or curly fro without seeing single strand knots, having dryness or frizzy ends by the end of the day (my hair naturally creates its own single strand knots all the time).

    The Intense Healing Mask has a very thick consistency and has a very pleasant lemon/lime fragrance -- no strong undertones at all. It stayed on my hair without dripping, and provided so much moisture to every single strand of hair on my head. Plus, the mask leaves out the harsh products that often strip and dry out our curly hair. It's mainly an all natural hair product.

    My recommendation: Get a packet of deep conditioner and get this hair mask together. DC every week (or every two weeks) and mask your hair with this product at least once a month. Trust me. This is a good investment for your hair AND your pocket.

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  3. Carol's Daughter Olive Oil Infusion
    "My strands melted to the mercy of this and surrendered to manageability. Impressive."

    If you're not noticing a trend with me mentioning DCs with olive oil, then take note. Olive oil is a great oil for EVERY type of hair, and honestly should be a part of everyone's regime -- whether you are using it to oil your scalp, DC your hair or seal your ends.

    This product is the priciest on this list, and normally I wouldn't purchase something that costs this much -- and I didn't. I won this in a giveaway earlier this summer, and I was stoked to test it out.

    Is it worth the price? Mmm, if there was a bigger Khoret Amen bottle -- yes. Did I love the outcome? Of course! Does it work? Most definitely, but pay for this if you have the [extra] money to spare. I love Carol's Daughter, but I personally lack Carol's Daughter money at this time (living the post college life). Disclaimer: I'm not saying 'don't purchase' this product at all. I'm simply reminding you lovely readers to be mindful about your priorities.

    The product promises to make your hair more manageable, and includes no harsh ingredients (parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and artificial colors). It comes with a bottle of Khoret Amen Hair Oil, 2.0 fl;  a jar of Khoret Amen Hair Smoothie, 8.0 oz ; one treatment cap and an application nozzle.

    First, you apply the oil and make sure each strand is coated with the blend. Then you apply the smoothie. Now, when running the smoothie from root to tip, it felt as if I had taken a stick of butter and started applying it to my hair. My strands melted to the mercy of this and surrendered to manageability. Impressive. I would say that this would be a great conditioner for damaged hair.

    Overall, I really liked the product. The smell was nice, the results were good. But as I stated, be mindful of the cost. I am admittedly a product junkie (PJ), but bills come before thrills.

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  4. Olive Oil Replenishing Pack Pak
    Before I became natural I would always use this product for my permed hair. Why haven't I used it recently? Well, there isn't a direct reason, honestly. I just haven't shopped the isles of Walmart lately for any packets of conditioner.

    The substance is a little thicker than runny; it's a liquid type of conditioner. Nice smell, good price for what it does and it works well. It's not my all time favorite, but it does work well to revive your hair.

    If you're looking for an inexpensive way to give your hair a boost, then this is the product (or Pak) for you. I didn't feel a tingling sensation and my strands didn't feel as though butter had been applied, but my hair was soft and fluffy.
What are some of your favorite deep conditioners and/or hair masks you use?